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Our clients are our business in its entirety. It is vital that we take the time to fully understand each of their individual requirements and goals resulting in our distinctive Bespoke Profile. It is with this tailored portrait that we are able to source the most suitable properties for each client.


Our team has access to more properties through our extensive network of real estate agencies around Byron. Using our clients brief we actively pursue all potentially suitable properties through our strong professional relationships with these agencies. We then create a detailed comparable report that highlights the most vital information within their price range. This allows our clients to gain a better insight into the market that we are dealing with, as well as opening an opportunity to set tangible goals for a seamless outcome.


In order to achieve the finest outcome for our clients, we make sure each shortlisted property is inspected together with them and with genuine attention to detail. This is something we pride ourselves upon. We also understand that our clients lead busy lifestyles and that is why we work solely around their schedules.


We are consistently on top of the inspection and take a deep look into the history of that particular property and comb over every fine detail. This includes making sure the contract is thoroughly reviewed, a building inspection is considered and all necessary searches and pest inspections are carried out. In summary, we gain all available information on the property and build a portfolio to present to our clients, giving them the confidence for us to begin engaging in any form of negotiation.


Here at Bespoke Buyers it is our mandate to achieve the most favourable terms and purchase price for our clients. Our clients are our business so we make sure their authorisation is at the forefront of each negotiation. Thanks to our long-term professional relationships with local agents, we are able to provide the specific edge needed to compete in what is undoubtedly an immensely driven and competitive market.


Coming up to settlement, we organise and conduct the pre-settlement inspection with our main focus to ensure a seamless handover. At Bespoke Buyers it is our belief, that it is only once settlement is fully completed and the arranging of our clients ‘post settlement’ needs are taken care of, that our goal is reached. This includes the organisation of an array of services: movers, gardeners, builders etc. Whatever the client needs. Bespoke Buyers’ endeavour to ensure a smooth and stress free transition and we can assure our clients that they have nothing left to do except enjoy their superb new property and truly begin building a Home.



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