9 Tips to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

9 Tips to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

9 Tips to Make a Small Apartment Feel Bigger


For many would-be home owners, booming property prices have meant an increasing number of Sydneysiders are looking to apartments to fulfil their home ownership goals.


If you’re biggest concern is that an apartment feels small and cramped, here are some practical tips to make a small space feel bigger and more comfortable overall.


1. Lighten Up


This is any interior decorator’s number one rule. If you want a room to feel more spacious and airy, stick to lighter colours. Dark colours can add a lot of atmosphere in the right places, but they tend to close a room in, while light colours have the effect of opening a space out. Going for furniture on the paler side will help to enhance the impact of a light colour scheme for your walls and flooring.

2. Get smarter storage solutions


Lack of storage and clutter is one of the biggest annoyances apartment dwellers face. If your apartment doesn’t have a lot of built-in storage, do it yourself with storage solutions that make more efficient use of space. Utilising your wall space with vertical and overhead storage options is a great place to start.


Wall mounts are perfect for displaying everything from your flashy new bike to art and jewellery, and placing things higher also helps to make a room look taller.


Boxes and baskets are also a great way to keep clutter off your tables and countertops. They can be part of your room’s decoration, or discretely hidden under beds, sofas and end tables.

3. Discover Double-Duty furniture


A piece of furniture doesn’t only have to serve one purpose. Shop for smart furniture that performs multiple tasks. Items like a sofa with storage under the cushions, a bed whose mattress flips up to reveal usable space, a desk that expands into a dining table or a sink that transforms into a counter-top.

4. Mirror magic


Mirrors are a classic way of fooling the eye into seeing more space. Use a focal point to position your mirror in a way that creates an illusion of depth. Placing a mirror across from a window is a great way to make a room feel more expansive, plus it reflects and distributes light, making a space brighter and more open-feeling.

5. Choose artwork to suit your space


Naturally you’ll be wanting to make a place your own with your most treasured photos and artwork, but filling an entire wall with an assortment of miniature art pieces can overwhelm a small space and appear cluttered. A blank space is often better off with a single large canvas or frame that brings focus to the wall and has the effect of pushing the wall outward.

6. Show off those windows


Windows make a huge impact when it comes to giving a room light and depth, so if you can, keep them uncovered. If you need to cover windows for privacy, blinds are more streamlined and preferable to curtains. If drapes are a necessity for keeping out sun, go for lighter colours, and use floor-to-ceiling curtains that make the room look taller.

7. Arrange your furniture wisely


Position your furniture strategically to maximise space rather than just eating into it. Place large pieces against the wall to open out the centre of the room and avoid blocking pathways and windows.


In any room, the longest straight line is the diagonal. If you can place your furniture at an angle, it leads the eye along the longer distance rather than straight to the nearest wall.

8. Rugs to the rescue


Everyone loves a good-looking rug, and they can serve to make an apartment feel more spacious in different ways. Vertically striped rugs make a room feel longer. For maximum effect, orient the stripes parallel with the longest section of the room.


Rugs can also be used to divide a room into distinct areas. They’re especially useful in studios, creating the appearance of having multiple spaces within a single room.

9. Learn to live with less


This is perhaps the most obvious tip, but also one of the hardest to follow!


Moving into an apartment is a great opportunity to focus on de-cluttering and sorting out the needs from the not-so-needed.


Embrace the cleanse! Throw out or recycle things, book in a council clean-up, have a garage sale or list your no-longer used furniture and appliances on an online market. If you have items you simply can’t part with but just don’t work in your new apartment, consider stashing them safely away in storage.