Earlier this year my husband and I sold our waterfront home and were looking for an apartment in Sydney. We had been looking for about 3 months and were getting a little frustrated because when we did find something we liked, it either went for way above the guide price or was snapped up prior to auction. Our real estate agent Martin Ross suggested that we might try using a buyer’s agent as they can often find properties that are about to come on the market or are for some reasons not being advertised. He said he could recommend someone. He introduced us to Oliver Berger from Bespoke Buyers. Oliver came round to our house and we discussed what we were looking for and what we did not want and the areas we would consider.Once we had signed up with Oliver, he went to work showing us a number of properties. The second week into our agreement he told us he knew of a property that was about to come onto the market that ticked all the boxes for what we were looking for. He arranged for us to view it before it was advertised. We bought it the following week. We have been very happy with Oliver’s service and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy in the Sydney market.